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Thursday, 17th April April 17, 2008

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It rained all night, but the weather was fine for the day!

We went to Bilbao, the capital city of our province, Bizkaia. We took the underground, and once in Bilbao we visited the old city first.

Then we walked to the Town Hall.

And after that, we crossed to the other side of the river and walked to the Guggenheim Museum.

There we took some pictures, admired the building and had some free time for shopping.


Wednesday 16th April April 16, 2008

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Everything’s fine: good weather, no problems,…

Today we stayed at school and worked on different activities, in groups:

-A quiz on Europe

-Some activities on languages

-Basque dances


-Power Point Presentation

We stayed at school from 8.30 to 16, but in the middle we had two breaks. At lunch time we had a picnic in the sun; it was really nice!!!!

Students had to work a little bit, but this is not a holiday!

bfn= Bye for now


Tuesday 15th: Trip to Bermeo, a fishing port April 15, 2008

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Today the weather was almost perfect! A bit cold, but sunny.

First, the Dutch students were shown all the school. Then, at 9.30 we took the buses to go to Bermeo, a fishing village about an hour’s drive from Getxo. There, students were divided into three groups and we did three different activities:

– A guided visit around the town

– A boat trip to the sea

– A visit to a fishing museum

At 16.00 we were already back in Getxo!


Monday 14th April April 14, 2008

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Hi, everybody!

The Dutch people are already with us!

They arrived last Friday and spent the weekend with their partners and their families. The weather’s being a little rainy, but this is spring in the Basque Country!

Today we went to school first, at 8.30. At 9.30 we walked to the Rown Hall, where we were received by a city councillor and given a little present. From there, we walked to Bizkaia Bridge, which was declared Human Heritage by UNESCO in 2006. We went up by lift, crossed to the other side of the river and came back in the hanging basket. From there, to have lunch in a food arcade, and back to Algorta up the Old Port among its picturesque houses.

At 16.00, we left all the students with their partners.

I can’t add any photographs yet, but I’m keeping my promise to have everybody informed on time. The moment I receive the pictures, I’ll upload them!



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This is the blog done by the group of students taking part in this year’s exchange with Holland, 3A. Here is a photograph:


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